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Wellcome to Rome!

(From Wikipedia) Rome (pronounced /roʊm/; Italian: Roma, pronounced [ˈroma]; Latin: Roma) is the capital city of Italy and Lazio, and is Italy’s largest and most populous city, with 2,724,347[1] residents in an urban area of some 1,285.5 km2 (496.3 sq mi). It is located in the central-western portion of the Italian Peninsula, on the Tiber …

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I’m working on translating my past posts. For now, this post is only available in Danish. Forum Romanum var centrum for det Romerske Imperium. Her kunne man ikke bo, det var kun en hel speciel slags mennesker, der kunne bo her, og det var vestalinderne. Ellers var det kun et sted, hvor man kunne mødes. …